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1.How do you play in Miami Novela?

Easy.  Do some creative writing for your rpg and interact with the other players through the journal and AIM.  The concept is to make it look like a very cool and edgy novela / soap opera.  All that we ask is that you give us good drama, conflict, story and writing.  Everything else is up to you.  My only request is that you do some good research so we can keep up with the spirit of the story location aka Miami. 

2. How can I interact with the other characters?

By posting in the community journal .  Create meeting opportunities and fly with it.  Another concept that I am introducing is the announcement forums.  These will be "The Bulletin Board" located in front of the club "Dices" on the ocean front.  Post your parties, events, classifieds, messages, ads, mixers, business openings, club openings, propaganda, etc.  We will also ask players to use "MyspaceMiami" - no, this is not another journal.  This is just the concept that your character will have the option of friending characters in a network site to keep in touch with each other.  As everyone alive knows, you can also use myspacemiami to post a lot of the aforementioned things above.  The way you do this is to put a little label in front of your post in the community journal like so: [myspacemiami] or [The Bulletin Board]. 

3.So is my characters journal the myspacemiami blog?

Not at all.  Your character journal is simply that.  Where you write, create and develop your character.  If you want to make an entry on your character journal into a myspacemiami blog entry than just state it with a little label as well.  Example: [myspacemiami blog]. 

4.I want to play a werewolf or vampire...Can I?

Right now I am discouraging any high terror/sci-fi characters and encouraging human/spiritual characters.  Only because I want character creation and human relationships to be much more the topic of the game.  I will however encourage some of these characters to apply during next year's Halloween Season.  Much like they do in actual soap operas. 

5.How about ghost or mages? 

If your mage/sorcerer works inside a human spiritual/religious context he can definitely come to play.  And we welcome all ghost stories as they make some good meat for the kind of characters that are already at play.

6.How about gods or faeries?

If your god has a variety of human traits and is mortal than you can play him/her.  If he/she levitates in the clouds and zaps people with lightning and icicles than you can't.  If you need more of an explanation than this then you can always ask the mod, but be prepared to negotiate some terms.

7.Can I play a Harry Potter/Anne Rice/Lord of the Rings character? 

No sci-fi or fandom characters.  Only original human characters. 

8.My character is of White/European caucasian ethnicity and I see a lot of the characters being Latino or Brazilian...can I still play?

You sure can.  We want a good eclectic Miami mix so any ethnic background is good.  The feel of the game is Novela/Soap Opera mixed so General Hospital meets Cuna de Lobos. 

*As far as all the aforementioned questions, I don't want to be an elitist when it comes to the game, but I also don't want to lose the real feel of the game.


9.So how do I apply? 

Follow the application link and post me a screened message that gives me a good email address and the kind of character you wish to play.  Following that I will email you my game address and you will submit a more detailed character description and your first character post for your character journal.  I expect this post to have a good tale that gives us some insight on the character and the direction of his/her development.  And that is it.  I'm looking to have a good number of players by the start of the year so I am not being picky on concepts or storylines outside of the exceptions mentioned on this FAQ.  So Have Fun and Apply to your hearts content.  :)


Le Mod.
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