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Miami Mod


26 September 1978
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Look at the skyline and notice our world. This is the only paradise city in this vast country. The hot sun, the exciting neon lights, the nights full of rum and coke, the beach and its beautiful ocean, the sky scrapping buildings full of power games and the tropical beat that hypnotizes from the clubs lining the ocean front.

In Miami we indulge in a life of luxury, mambo, cosmopolitan style and eclectic culture. Enter our lost Eden and our nights full of secrets. Enter the city of Miami.


Welcome to Miami Novela. An RPG based in the City of Miami and played free form as a Latin novela/Soap Opera. All original characters welcome. Read the bits of info we provide, apply and enjoy.

Disclaimer: This RPG is rated NC-17 - So Mommy and Daddy, put your Net Nanny at work ;)

(Role Playing Moderator Journal For Miami Novela)

(Credit For Layouts: Freelayouts)